Frances Ha (2012. Noah Baumbach)

Greta Gerwig

The story of liberal, middle class young people not achieving in the city has been done before. Films of the mumblecore genre like “Tiny Furniture” come to mind.  However, Baumbach’s creation appears less like a mumblecore story of underachievement and more like a social comedy by Woody Allen. The dialogue has a cracking wit to it and Greta Gerwig is remarkably charming as Frances, dawdling through New York with a wonderful ignorance of the real world.

The characters Frances comes up against are at times awful. The socialites, the couples, the urbanites and middle class of New York bring out some comically arrogant and absurd caricatures. It deserved a little more though. It needed A little more nastiness and less of the tweeness that often comes with the mold of American indie comedy.


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