The Aviator (Martin Scorsese. 2004)


There’s always an element of Shakespearean tragedy with Scorsese’s biopics. His subjects are big, bold personas with a  tragic flaw of some kind that inevitably leads to their downfall. but whilst in most cases that flaw is greed of some form (Raging Bull, Wolf of Wall Street) The Aviator is not. It’s more human and less pumped up by masculine bravado.

Scorsese’s portrait of Howard Hughes is an energetic one of a man who was not the victim of his decisions but the victim of his biology and the way his brain was wired to work. Through no fault of his own, his hardwired need for control was the giant chink in his armor.

It’s a beautiful, eclectic and saddening story with DiCaprio commanding the screen with energy and boundless confidence.


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