Local Hero (Bill Forsyth. 1983)




I’ve always found Bill Forsyth to be a director of effortlessly pleasing films. From That Sinking Feeling to Comfort and Joy, his films are sweet, funny and surprisingly reflective.

Local Hero is perhaps his most profoundly enjoyable film. A deeply contemplative yet ravenously funny piece of cinema, it is a film that brings a smile to the face. The inhabitants of the small Scottish town at the mercy of an oil company attempting to buy their land are witty, delightful and intriguing studies of a life outside urban Britain. There are those that joke about the practicality of owning a Maserati in coastal Scotland, Peter Capaldi’s bumbling man in a suit and the man that holds three jobs. Praise should also go to Peter Riegert playing the oil representative who becomes  smitten with the tranquility of life at the end of the World.

Coastal Scotland is beautiful, the characters are blissfully funny, and some deep thoughts are pondered. It is a pitch perfect exhibition of British film making.


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